How and where to find clients?

How and where to find clients?

There are actually a lot of clients, every blogger needs an assistant with the growth of the audience. And the bigger the blog, the more helpers the blogger needs. It happens that several managers work in the bloggers’ team, someone is responsible for the content, someone for buying advertising from other bloggers, someone helps parse messages in and comments, someone is responsible for selling advertising. Therefore, there is work!

You can search for a job:

– In the channel with vacancies;

– In the Instagram search. To begin with, look for small bloggers, follow the blogs for a few days, think about how you could help and improve the blog;

– Labor exchanges for freelancers.

How to correctly write a response to a vacancy or a message to direct

1) First you need to write a resume letter for bloggers about yourself, competently describe your knowledge, skills and experience. Show the blogger how you can be useful to him and what qualities you have that will help him in his work.

2)Next, you need not be afraid and do not hesitate to write offers to bloggers, respond to vacancies. Novice blogger managers who do not yet have a case and portfolio often perform free test tasks to demonstrate their knowledge.

Important!!!! Do not write such messages to the blogger – the blogger is unlikely to respond to such messages and will be interested in your candidacy.

– No “Hi, do you need a manager?” “Hi, I need a job, take me as an assistant?” etc.

– There is no need to write to a blogger about the shortcomings of his blog, even if you see them.

– You do not need to write your entire biography in a letter, who needs it, write clearly and to the point: what knowledge, what experience you have and what qualities you possess.

– Be polite.

– Don’t be too intrusive, if they don’t answer you, it means either they haven’t noticed your message yet, or they aren’t interested in your offer.

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