Hashtags as a method of promotion

Hashtags as a method of promotion. How to use them?

Hashtags on Instagram are an important tool for attracting an additional audience. Thanks to proper use, you can increase the coverage of the post, get more likes and comments.

Main features of tags:

city and #cities, #recipe and #cupcake recipe are different queries (each letter has a meaning)

you can specify up to 30 hashtags on one photo

Types of hashtags:
Tags differ in the frequency of their mentions. There are labels:

  • -high-frequency (from 100 thousand posts) for example: food, peace, children, toys, etc.;
  • -medium-frequency (10-100 thousand) #yummy food, #toddlers, #toys for babies, etc.;
  • -low-frequency (up to 10 thousand publications) #yummy food, #pregnancy7 weeks, #recipes for , etc.;
  • -rare – no more than 500 entries. As a rule, these are blogger/commercial account tags that help navigate the blog

The following hashtag groups are considered the most effective for promotion:


They are relevant to the content of the post, so they lead the target audience. (if the post is about the history of pregnancy, then we use #birth history, #pregnancy history, #40 weeks of pregnancy, etc.)


Such tags are used to control user content and expand the online portfolio. In fact, this is your signature. To create a brand tag, the name of the company is suitable, as well as words that evoke associations with it. For example, Nike uses #nike and #justdoit.


Hashtags indicating the country, region and city are suitable for attracting local potential customers. Of course, not all users will see the tags, but the competition is lower here. In addition, people looking for goods or services using local tags are usually really set up to place an order. (detskietovary_zheleznodorozhny, detska_ufa, etc.)


They are placed for easy navigation inside the account. In addition, such tags are suitable for sweepstakes, contests and promotions.

An ordinary social network user uses hashtags to describe what he likes. This can be used competently when you know your target audience. Put likes on the author’s publications, leave interesting, “live comments” and subscribe to the account. Live and detailed comments attract the attention of the blogger and people.

Subscribing is acceptable for the brand. The user will be interested in who put likes on his posts and he will go to study your page.

It is better to use hashtags of medium frequency (10-100 thousand), low frequency (up to 10 thousand publications) and rare – no more than 500 entries.

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