Giveaway as a way of promotion. How to participate?

Giveaway as a way of promotion. How to participate? What is it?

Bloggers can also promote through giveaway – these are contests that a blogger conducts on his blog. The blogger collects sponsors who pay for participation in giveaways, with this money the blogger buys gifts and bonuses for subscribers.

Conditions for receiving gifts and bonuses – subscription to all sponsors. Sponsors receive a new audience.

Advantages of participating in giveaways:

-Rapid audience growth
-Guaranteed amount of people will come

Disadvantages of participating in giveaways:

– A different audience will come, an uninterested audience will come to you, their main goal is to get just gifts.
– After, you will have a lot of unsubscriptions, because of this, the reach in the account falls.
– The audience that remains will mostly be inactive, which again will affect your reach.
– You can get caught by scammers, and you will be caught up in the bots account.

Who can participate in giveaways:
– beginner accounts up to 1000 subscribers;
– if the number of subscribers is important to the blogger in the account, not the quality of subscribers.

How not to run into scammers?
– Choose only trusted organizers.
– Choose giveaways, which the blogger himself tells about in his account.
– If you received a letter with an offer to participate in the giveaway, but you suspected fraud, write to the blogger in a PR account or direct and check with him whether he is recruiting sponsors in the giveaway.

What happens if only giveaways are used for promotion?

The blog will have an audience that came only “for free”. They are not interested in content, they will scroll through stories and posts, and this will negatively affect statistics and coverage. And coverage for a blogger is money and the price of advertising.
Active and interested subscribers will not see posts and stories. Instagram will just drop you at the very end of the feed.

So, let’s summarize.

Instagram opposes the promotion of pages in this way, often contest pages are blocked, posts are deleted. Restrictions on the number of subscriptions have been introduced.
You can quickly gain subscribers, BUT you should not abuse participation in giveaways – this will not lead the target audience, unlike advertising from bloggers.

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