A personalized offer to a blogger/client?

A personalized offer to a blogger/client? How to write? How do I get a freelance order?

Here you need to study the blogger’s profile in advance: observe the format and style of stories, read his posts and understand what he has difficulties with. If, when viewing stories, you saw that a blogger is having difficulty finding advertising or drawing up a content plan, offer him help in this! If you see that posts come out rarely and collect few likes / comments, write about help in copywriting. The blogger will appreciate your personal approach, because you spent time studying his account. And remember: there is something to improve in any blog!

You can write like this:

“Hello, (name), my name is Katya, I am an SMM specialist, I have worked with bloggers @…, @…, @… (+ briefly describe the cases, if any). While studying your profile, I realized that you are having difficulty creating promotional materials. I am ready to help you with this issue. I have prepared a small plan for you that will help improve the situation: * describe the plan by the points that can be improved *. I also made you a small content plan for posts (+ attach a plan). Are you interested in such a proposal?”

Remember: a person should feel that you are giving him more benefit than he expected! Offer free advice or theoretical information that will help the blogger — and you will win his attention!

Your message should not look like a newsletter! We write a unique message to each person so that the blogger feels special. Important! A resume is a template. You can send it when you respond to a vacancy on the exchanges, because you don’t see the customer there. However, you can’t send the same offer to different bloggers — it just won’t work.

Your offer should be suitable for the request of a specific person. A personalized offer looks much more advantageous, of course, you need to spend more time on it than on a template. It works much more effectively, so it’s worth it! In most cases, they will answer you and agree, because the “personalization trigger” is triggered — the person feels special, and therefore he wants to answer you.

And another important point: never criticize the shortcomings of the profile. No need to write, for example: “You have a terrible visual, I’ll make it better for you.” First, you should praise the blogger for what he does well and successfully in his blog, only then correctly, subtly hint that your ideas will improve the quality of visual content and make it more modern and trending.

If the blogger himself openly stated“ “I have a terrible visual, I don’t know what to do,” you can say: “I heard you don’t like your visual, so we can figure it out together. I am ready to help you with this question!” Suggest the colors that are currently trending, pick up a combination of shades according to the color circle, change the location of the photos and be sure to tell why all this is so important!

It is necessary to develop the visibility — it allows you to understand the quality of the account packaging.

If you are not familiar with the blogger’s work, have not yet watched his stories or cannot specifically define his pain, you should study his account in detail, view posts, stories and come up with additional headings that you can enter. Turn on your imagination, you can always improve what you have! Every blogger thinks about what can be added to the profile, but there is not always enough time for this. If you offer cool ideas to improve the content, then in the end the blogger will offer you a job.

It is very important to offer as many concrete ideas as possible. The number of attempts increases the chance of winning! Out of 10 suggested ideas, a blogger may like only two, but he is already 90% likely to offer you a job

Creating your own social networks, packaging accounts, resume design, mailing and developing specific ideas for each client takes time, it’s true. But you will be surprised how quickly you will get results from the efforts and time invested.

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