5 exercises for the development of creativity

Exercises for generating ideas

  1. Quota of ideas
    The mind needs to be trained daily. And to do this, you need to set yourself the task of coming up with at least 5 new ideas for your blog every day. These can be ideas for posts, stories, live broadcasts, photo shoots. For anything. The main thing is to set yourself a goal to do this exercise every day and be sure to write everything down.

Of course, it may seem to you that some ideas are stupid and in general all this is nonsense or something is not working out for you. But believe me, the main thing is to start. Just start and do this exercise for at least a week without interruptions and you will see that every day you spend less and less time looking for ideas for a story or a post

  1. Unexpected connections
    Open the book again and take any two words.Come up with 3 differences and 3 similarities between the items, and also make up several sentences with them.
  2. Non-standard methods of application
    Take the most common item and write down all the options for its use. Even the most incredible.
    For example, take a chair:
    You can sit on it
    It can be turned over and used as a stand for the Christmas tree.
    You can use its smooth surface as a table.
  3. Different solutions
    When you encounter a problem, do not stop at one solution option. Think about how it can be solved in another way. Come up with a task for yourself every day and write at least 10-15 ways to solve it. It may be difficult for you at first, but after a couple of days, ideas will start coming to you by themselves.

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