What kind of content goes into the reels?

What kind of content goes into the reels?

What is working:

  • atmospheric and aesthetic videos, both short and long (from 15 seconds)
  • videos with a dynamic beginning (for example, travel, humor, dancing, trends)
  • expert content in an entertaining format
  • animals and children
  • food. Aesthetic videos or the process of cooking
  • dressing up

Look at what content is currently most popular in reels, and think about how you can adapt it to the blog topic you need, atmospheric videos, videos with humor, dancing, trends, expert content in an entertainment format, this can also include trending entertainment content adapted to a specific topic.

  • Great works entertainment videos with animals and children.
  • Food. Do you remember how Instagram started? Everyone shared photos of food, now beautiful aesthetic videos of food, beautiful serving, serving, and video recipes are also flying well in rils.
  • Changing clothes, they also came to us from tiktok, and they come into the reales perfectly.

Algorithms of reels in Instagram

It is absolutely necessary that users interact with your video:

  • They watch it to the end.
  • They watched it several times in a row
  • Liked
  • Reposted
  • Saved
  • Commented on

The developers certainly do not declassify the secret of the work of the reels algorithms, but users have already concluded that the system of the algorithms is similar to the tic-tok algorithms, and similar to the stories algorithms.

It is necessary that people watch your videos to the end and interact with the video. It is important that this should be done in the first couple of hours after publication. Then the video will gain more coverage and be shown to even more people.

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