What is Reels? And how do they differ from stories?

What is Reels? And how do they differ from stories?

Reels is a new type of content in Instagram entertainment format.
These are short videos, lasting 15-60 seconds. Videos for reels can be shot and edited, both in the Instagram application itself, and download ready-made videos.

Last year, the developers of Instagram announced that they were preparing a new update on the platform. We remember that last time we introduced IGTV video and positioned it as an analogue of Youtube. Now Instagram has released a new type of video content, it is very similar to the Tik-Tok content, many experts even say that rils is an analog of tik-tok in Instagram itself. The function is needed so that various author’s videos appear on the platform and you can share events from your life with friends in a unique and creative format.

How does reels differ from stories?

  • Duration
  • Positioning of formats
  • Audience coverage
  • Reels do not disappear after 24 hours, unlike stories

Many users have a quite natural question, how does reels differ from stories? Firstly, the duration of the videos. The duration of 1 story is 15 seconds, in reels – one video can be recorded with a duration of up to 60 seconds.

Secondly, one of the main differences, of course, is the positioning of formats. Initially, stories were conceived as a social type of content that allows users to share events from their lives with their subscribers. The reels format was conceived as an entertaining type of content, similar to tik-tok. This format is needed in order for users to shoot more creative videos to music, use different effects and thereby arouse the interest of the audience.

Another important difference between reels and stories is audience coverage, stories cover only the audience that subscribed to you, or visited your page. Reels can be seen not only by subscribers. Many Instagram users have noticed that when searching for a particular hashtag, it is the reels that are first.

It is assumed that in this way Instagram increases the coverage of new video content, promoting it to the masses. Another feature of reels is that they do not disappear after 24 hours, unlike stories. For reels in general, there is a whole separate tab in the profile where they are all stored.

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