Time management for a freelancer

Time management for a freelancer. How to keep up with everything?

What is time management?

Time management is a method of organizing your time in order to have more time in a short period of time

Time management helps us to determine what is the main thing and what is secondary, what is first of all worth the effort, and what can wait.
Controlling time is not so difficult. The main thing is to properly build a system of this time control. Learn to prioritize.

It is impossible to stretch the time, just as it is impossible to increase the day even by an hour. The only thing available to us is to spend time on more valuable things and actions for us.

Time Stealers

  • Telephone
  • Lack of priorities/goals
  • Trying to do too much
  • Inefficient delegation or lack thereof
  • A desk littered with papers.
  • Postponing for later.
  • The inability to say “no!”

The phone is a very cool thing, but it takes a lot of time.
Well, who among us does not like to sit for an extra hour and look through the stories of our favorite bloggers?
And now we will learn not to sit in social networks.networks in the empty, and work there.

Lack of priorities/goals. It’s a big time eater. When we have no goals and priorities, we spend too much time on completely unnecessary things.

Trying to do too much. Many people feel that they have to do everything “yesterday” and do not give themselves enough time to do everything properly. This leads to the fact that things are not fully done, we can jump from one case to another all the time, and there will be no sense.

Inefficient delegation. Stop taking everything on yourself. So you definitely won’t have time for anything. Be sure to distribute both household and work chores. For example, I used to want to keep track of everything in the house, take care of the children and blog, but it’s very difficult.

Good delegation is considered a key skill for both managers and leaders. The best managers are able to delegate work to their subordinates, and ensure that it is done properly.

A desk littered with papers. When you finish reading this article, look at your desk. If you see less than 80% of the table surface, you may be suffering from “desktop stress”. The most effective people work at clean desks.

Postponing for later. The more you postpone, the more cases accumulate later. They take a long time and as a result, you still don’t have time to do anything.

The general rule is that if people can dump their work or problems on your shoulders, they will do it. Some of the most stressed people around us lack the skill to “just say no” for fear of upsetting people.

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