Setting goals and methods of achieving them

Setting goals and methods of achieving them. Setting global goals.

Setting goals.
What do I want?
How do I see my life?
Are these my desires, or do I wish it under someone’s influence?

In order to set goals and understand what steps need to be taken to achieve them, you need to understand who you see yourself as, what you want to do, is it really your desire, or the desire of your environment.
For example, you really want to weave beaded bracelets to order, but your environment tells you that it’s not serious, not profitable, etc. And you decide to go to another field, but you don’t see yourself in it, and you want to do something else. It will be difficult for you to achieve goals where you are completely uninterested in being.

Or another example, you want to go freelance, work from anywhere, be close to your family, but your loved ones do not take such work seriously, they tell you that you need to find a “Normal” job, with a social package, with a 5/2 schedule from 10 am to 8 pm.
Similarly, it is difficult to imagine yourself where you do not like to be, these are not your desires and not your goals.

Setting global goals.
Imagine who you see yourself in a year, in 5 years, in 10 years.
A year later, I am a successful blogger manager, I have 3 top bloggers, I earn 150K a month. I am known in a narrow circle of bloggers as a talented blogger manager, I have a queue for my services for 3 months ahead.

After 5 years, I am a successful blogger manager, millionaires want to cooperate with me, I have my own big team and I delegate a lot of tasks to the team

Take a piece of paper and write in the present tense, as if you have already achieved all your goals. For example, six months later – I am a successful blogger manager, I lead 3 clients and earn 60k a month. Write in as much detail as possible. What shops do you dress in, what do you buy, what cafes and restaurants do you go to.

What is it?

For ex. After 3 months I am a blogger’s manager, I earn 3000 a month. I have 2 clients.
Six months later – I am a successful blogger manager, I lead 3 clients and earn 6000 a month

Write down the intermediate goals, who you see yourself in 3 months, in six months, in a year, Also write in detail and in stages. Then proceed to the next step .

Describe the tasks.
Take a blogger manager course.
Find 1 paid client
Earn a successful case.
Create a portfolio.
Send a commercial offer to bloggers with a case and portfolio
Find a paid client

Bottom line: after 3 months I have 2 paid clients and I earn – 30,000 per month

Describe the intermediate tasks. What you need to do to achieve your intermediate goals. The smaller your steps are, the clearer it will be to you how to achieve your goals and get closer to your dream.



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