How to work with the customer on the internet correctly

How to work with the customer on the Internet correctly? If you re copywriter or work online.

These techniques will not give 100% results, but will minimize the risks.

  • Always try to communicate via video communication, so your chances of reaching an agreement with the customer are very high. It is even better to communicate live, if possible.

Are you worried that the customer may cheat? There are several ways to avoid this:

  1. Prepayment
    You can agree with the customer about prepayment. For example, you offer 2 texts worth $30 and free edits to the result. Before writing, you can take 50% = $ 15. After the final, take the remaining 50% = $ 15.
  2. Contract
    If the customer does not agree to the prepayment, you can conclude a service agreement with him.
    Be sure to check that all the fields are filled in correctly, or better yet, contact a knowledgeable lawyer. With this option, both sides minimize their risks.
  3. Freelance exchanges. Paid
    One of the safest and easiest ways is to work through freelance exchanges, but you need a subscription, but you can only register it when you already have a client and after working with him, you will pay off your subscription + earn. One of the famous sites: workzilla.

What questions should I ask the customer before starting to work with him?

  1. Ask what city he is from. Perhaps you can meet in person.
  2. Did he have any experience working with other copywriters/specialists? Perhaps he will tell you what he did not like with the previous performer, and you will try to avoid these mistakes. If the customer says that he worked with other copywriters and did not like their work, and he did not pay them, perhaps he will do the same with you.
  3. Ask what is important for him to see in the texts: what are the wishes for style, design, keywords.
    Do not be afraid to ask questions and clarify the details of the task!

Always check the customers!

First of all, write the first and last name (if there are links to social networks, phone number, mail) write it in the search engine and look through the pages, suddenly somewhere it will be written about this person.

Write in different search engines: google, etc. Since the search results may be different in different search engines. You can look at the black lists of customers. On freelance exchanges, ALWAYS look at the customer’s reviews, perhaps there will be interesting information there.

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