How to promote with hashtags and commenting for free

How to promote with hashtags and commenting for free?

Commenting is a way to promote online for free. Just by writing an interesting comment to someone’s post, you can get new subscribers.

– Comments-mailing lists: “Marina, you won’t believe it, I’m with a baby, I earn ….”

– The usual comments: “cool!”, “super”, “cool”.

– Creative comments: Interesting comments with meaning on the subject of the post.

A fairly simple way. In which it is also important to know your target audience and the places where they live. Subscribe to major bloggers with a similar target audience and write comments under new posts. It is important that the comments are on the topic of the post, with meaning.

Comments-mailing lists

They are most often found among large bloggers who interact with their audience. And among the usual arguments of readers, there are comments such as “Marina, you won’t believe it, I’m with a baby, I earn ….”. Such spam simply annoys everyone, and clearly no one will express a desire to look at such a page.

The usual comments. It’s something like “cool!”, “super”. Well, hardly anyone will notice you, even the owner of the page himself.

Creative comments

Leave a comment in the blogger’s account that may interest others. For example, someone is discussing an acute topic and you are right there. Express your opinion in detail and sincerely, inadvertently mentioning that you have recently raised a similar topic in your blog. If you write something interesting, fly to the most prominent place in the comments, get a lot of likes and a lot of attention to your person.


A hashtag is a word or phrase after the “#” symbol. It is clickable and searchable. That’s why using hashtags will help Instagram users find your content. Hashtags are a great way to promote your publication to a target audience that is interested in your topic. In instagram, you can use up to 30 hashtags for each publication, but you should not use all 30, it is better to limit yourself to 7-10 hashtags on the subject of your blog or post, or related niches.

For example, if you write in a blog about motherhood and child development, you can put #children’s development #children’s games. In more detail, how to select hashtags correctly, we will talk in the following lectures.

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