Givaway – What is it?

What is Givaway?

Givaway is a paid, but fairly inexpensive way to promote an Instagram account.

There are so many disputes and contradictions around him that often a blogger simply does not understand whether he should advance in this way or not.

The essence of the method:

A blogger who already has a large and active audience organizes a raffle of gifts for his subscribers on his blog. But these same gifts are purchased at the expense of sponsorship contributions from other bloggers who want to get a new audience.

For example, blogger Masha launches giveway in her account, announces the recruitment of sponsors. I and, for example, 40 other bloggers interested in promotion, pay blogger Masha a sponsorship fee (a certain amount, which is set by the organizer).

Blogger Masha, having collected the right number of sponsors and the appropriate amount, buys gifts to subscribers, and keeps the remaining amount for herself (yes, giveway is also one of the ways to earn a blogger). Masha’s subscribers, in turn, in order to become a participant in the drawing, must fulfill one condition – subscribe to all sponsors.

On the appointed day, Masha holds a drawing and distributes gifts. Sponsors thus get new subscribers, Masha earns money, subscribers receive gifts.

It seems to be good for everyone, but there is one THING in this way of promotion.

As a sponsor, it’s NOT the TARGET AUDIENCE that comes to me, but just a crowd of people who want to win an iPhone or other gifts, they absolutely don’t care who they subscribed to, they often aren’t even interested in my blog topic.

As a result, they then either unsubscribe or scroll through my content. Instagram regards this as the fact that I make uninteresting content if it is scrolled through, and stops showing me to these new subscribers, and often my active ones at the same time.

The result is that the new audience that came from givaway becomes the “dead weight” of my blog. The number of subscribers is growing, but the real audience that sees me, reads, watches, knows me and loves me is not growing.

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