Advertising from bloggers

Advertising from bloggers. How to move forward? How to develop a blog?

Advertising from bloggers

Advertising from bloggers is a great option if you have a clearly formulated value. Even if you have 100 subscribers, but you were able to design the page as clearly as possible, your visual is fully ready for promotion and you have written at least a couple of stunning posts that the newly arrived audience will want to keep, then you are ready for advertising from bloggers.

Pay close attention to what you are betting on. If you want to stand out as a visual and say in your advertisement that you have an outstanding beauty page, then it should be like this in relation to the blog where you take advertising. You can play on a useful post, then ask the blogger to say in the advertisement that he cooked the best panna cotta in life thanks to the recipe in your blog.

Find something that will make it clear that when I come to your page, I will want to stay, because there is still a lot of exciting and interesting things ahead.

Bloggers have a good result from advertising – from 300 to 1000 subscriptions. This is a good result for any blogger, regardless of the number of subscribers blogger has. These are averaging audience engagement statistics. You do not need to expect 10,000 people to subscribe to you from advertising, such figures can be obtained on a hype or on entertainment content. Or by conducting an individual giveaway through the blogger’s stories. Now let’s look at the pros and cons.


  • High level of audience confidence in bloggers, hot audience
  • Coverage comparable to traditional advertising channels
  • One of the best methods of promotion
  • Such an audience watches stories well


  • It’s hard to find suitable bloggers
  • It is impossible to calculate the risks
  • One of the most financially costly ways

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